Traditional occasion in Bangladesh


Jorina first found a job at a local garment factory, but she could not continue due to the insecurity of her daughters so she worked a part-time job of a maid at nearby houses. They were still struggling to meet the expenses of the family. Jorina had an idea to start her own tea stall. She took a loan and started selling tea at one side of their house. She could easily take care of her daughters as well as other household tasks as she worked.

But the real change came when World Vision’s Dhaka Street Children Project staff came to their slum. Jorina began to participate in various awareness programs on topics such as gender, child protection and their rights to education, HIV and AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, hygiene, and health.

“I remained ignorant of the fact that my daughters need education until I learned from Dhaka Street Children Project to send my daughters to school. I did not understand the importance of education, which is the primary right of every child and is the starting of their successes,” Jorina adds in confidence.

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