Past Projects

Dear Infolady

Promoting InfoLady to Build Inclusive Information and Knowledge System (PILBIKS)

This project aimed to provide primary health care, neonatal care, right to information act establishment etc. It ran from October 2010 to June 2013. Dnet and Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) has been the donor agency. The total allocation was BDT 4,500,000. The project was implemented in 90 villages of 6 unions of 1 sub-district of a district. Beneficiaries were children, adolescent girls, housewives, young ladies, divorced women and old people.

Safe Water Supply and Sanitation

This project goal was to arrange awareness campaigns such as rallies and yard meetings, and establish deep tube-wells, establishing hygienic latrine etc. It ran from February 2006 to December 2008. NGO Forum and Haisaowa project has been the patrons. The project was implemented in 24 villages of 2 unions of 1 sub-districts of a district. Beneficiaries were underprivileged rural people.

Current Projects

Novel Molecular Approaches for Advancing Prediction and Mitigation of Disease Outbreaks in Aquaculture for Small Scale Farmers.

Funded by UKAID, this project aims to empower the fishers and farmers with information and disease mitigation. The duration of the project is 3 years, initiated in January 2016 and to be completed in January 2019. The total project allocation is BDT 4,050,000. It is being implemented in 85 villages of 27 unions of 12 sub-districts of 3 districts.

Production without Medicalization: A pilot Intervention on Global Protein Production

This project has been running from January 17, and to be ended in December 2018. It’s an UKAID funded project, aiming to empower the shrimp producers with information and disease mitigation. Total fund for this project is BDT 1,250,000. This project is being implemented in 65 villages of 24 unions of 4 sub-districts of 1 district. (Online News Platform)

This is a self-funded project. This online platform presents authentic and real-time news, mainly targeted to the local people.  This project has been running since 12 December 2016.

Arban Craft

To empower local women, Arban launched a flagship project called “Arban Craft” in June 2011. Arban provides sewing, block and boutique training to the local women so that they can become self-sustained women entrepreneurs. This project has become one of the most impactful projects for Arban.

Home Loan Program

Arban’s one of the core projects is Home Loan project. This project is patronized by Bangladesh Bank, running since January 2007. The purpose of this project is to provide home loan to people with lower income, so that they can build safe houses for themselves. Total allocation for this project is BDT 3,720,000. Hundreds of beneficiaries in 8 villages have safe houses now due to this project.

Arban Micro-credit program

This is Arban’s self-funded MRA certified project. Purpose of this project is to form teams of people who need micro credit and integrate them in the credit and savings mechanism; so that the small merchants and women entrepreneurs can operate their business smoothly. The allocation for this project is BDT 2,000,000. This project was active from September 2014 till August 2017.

Arban Cultural Academy

This is a self-funded project, dedicated for the culturally active children and teen agers in the locality.  It’s currently active in only 1 village, but soon will spread to other areas. Cultural Academy provides training, practice sessions and teaches presentation to the members. This project is active since January 2013.

Arban Café

In February 2013, we have launched a cafeteria in front of our office. This is a self-funded project. People from all the ages come and spend time here. Also the café is open for any party or occasion rent.